Top 5 Cookbooks

Hello, Its me….talking about food AGAIN!  Here are, what I consider to be, the Top 5 cookbooks owned by yours truly.

Levi Roots  – Caribbean Food Made Easy

Product DetailsSince  discovering Levi Roots’ cookbooks, dinner times in the Essex house have never been the same.  I’ve experimented with so many new flavors and ingredients thanks to him and it has influenced so many of my new dinner ideas.  It also introduced ‘Gingered-Up Chicken Pasta‘ into my life for which I will be eternally grateful.

Jamie Oliver – Jamie’s Italy

Product DetailsI love all of My Oliver’s books, in fact I just love Mr Oliver in general, but this book is by far his best yet.  The Fennel Risotto is AMAZING.

Rachel Allen – Bake

Product DetailsRachel Allen has a knack of creating great ‘go to’ cookbooks. This book, along with the other two I own of hers, offer me mid-week dinner inspiration time after time.

Nigella Lawson – Nigella’s Christmas

Product DetailsOther than my Christmas pudding which is, and always will be, a Delia inspired one, Nigella Lawson has Christmas solved with this beautiful book. The Christmas cake is better than any you will ever find in a shop and the Mac and Cheese and Tiramisu recipes are so good I use them all year round.  Remember, a cookbook is for life not just for Christmas.

Joanna Weinberg  – How to feed your friends with relish

Product Details

This was a Christmas present from the Essex Husband and it showed me just how well he knows me.  The book is amazing, its not just recipes, its a guide to being the perfect hostess.  Tips to make your weekend guests feels as at home as possible, ideas on how to throw the perfect dinner party, there is even a whole section of flowers.  Its quickly become my household bible.

I just couldn’t resist joining in with this weeks Listography over at Kate Takes 5 – I do love my food porn after all. Pop and take a look to see what other cookbooks are being talked about, there are some really good ones out there!

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An Essex Wife Loves……Cooking with Levi Roots

After the festive period I am always gagging to ditch the roasting pans and get back to food that I actually enjoy cooking.  As soon as all the leftovers were finished on December 28th I ceased the opportunity to crack open my favourite cookbook and make a curry.

If you like experimenting with herbs and spices then Levi is the man for you!!  Both his books ‘Caribbean Made Easy’ and ‘Food for Friends’ are used on a weekly basis in my house, I love them!

My favourite dish, which I actually had for dinner last night, is hands down ‘Gingered up Chicken Pasta’

Gingered up Chicken Pasta Recipe

Serves 4

2 Chicken Breasts cut into 5cm cubes

2 Finly Chopped Spirng Onions

4 tbsp Ginger Wine

Juice of 1 lime

1 tsp lime

Grinding of pepper

1 tbsp sunflower oil

½ Garlic clove finely chopped

1 finely chopped Scotch bonnet chilli

2 beef tomatos roughtly chopped

100g tagliatelle per person

  1. Season the chicken  with the spring onion, ginger wine, lime juice, salt and pepper and cover in the fridge for 45 minuites
  2. Pour the oil in a wok placed over a high heat. Add the chilli and the garlic, stiring at all times so they do not burn, for about 2 mins untill you can smell the amazing fragrances. Then remove them from the oil and discard them.  Remove the Chicken from marinade and and stir fry untill lightly browned. Add the tomatos and mariade, stir well, put a lid on the wok and then simmer for about 10 minuites untill chocken is fully cooked.
  3. Meanwhile cook the tagatellie accordning to the packet instructions. Once cooked drain, toss with a little olive oil and then the chicken and sauce, serve on four places and enjoy!