Time To Get Serious – Working Mums Live 2012

After starting this blog on a whim one Sunday morning last summer I have seen both my passion for writing and my audience grow into something I could only have dreamed of that lazy weekend last August.  I have now reached a point where I am now getting offers of paid work in relation to my blog and writing and am considering making freelance blogging/writing more than a hobby; it is turning into my ‘job’.  I hadn’t planned to be a work at home mum, I was quite happy being a housewife and mother, but as this is now the way my life is taking me I thought ‘what the hell, I’ll go for it!’

With this in mind I was very excited to be invited along to attend Working Mums Live as one of their gust bloggers.  This free event, held at the Business Design Centre Islington, was aimed at empowering and advising mums on all things work related.  On arrival I was met by the lovely Annika Williams from Working Mums who showed me around the different zones of the venue.  I was  particularly impressed by the Advice and Support area.  It has a CV clinic offering guidance, employment law specialists such as Gelbergs Solicitors offering free advice, education centres like Hillcroft College showcasing their courses and childcare providers advising working mums on how to get the best from their childcare options.  This area offered really practical advice that could make the difference between a mothers return to work being a happy and successful one or not.  I think it was the real gem of the event.

I would highly recommend taking a look at www.workingmums.co.uk there are some great resources for working mums are those thinking of returning to work, plus many job opportunities listed, all from family friendly employers.


The Power Of Social Media – A lot can come from one little tweet………

A lot can come from one little tweet………

Tuesday Aug 30th 15.03

“@AnEssexWife: Is 27 too old for a change of direction? Could I get internships at my age? Just wondering out loud – but any feedback would be great?”

One little tweet, just putting my current thought into 140 characters, who knew anyone would read it let alone be interested in helping me??
I had an overwhelming response, people telling me to go follow my dreams and that 27 was no age at all.  I even had one wonderful twitter follower linking me up with some very useful contacts of hers and pointing me in the direction of helpful website and forums helping newbies like me find their way in the journalistic minefield.

Then something quite incredible happened. I had been having a twitter conversation with Dave Monk of BBC Radio Essex about my plans to totally change my career and start again and then this tweet came through;
“@DaveMonkShow: @AnEssexWife Good luck with the internship – did you want to come and have a chat about it on air? Provoked a good discussion here!”

Wow, well how could I refuse such an opportunity? Actually I could have quite easily said no as I was incredibly nervous about the whole thing but, with my husbands advice of ‘you won’t get anywhere in life if you don’t grab chances like this with both hands’, I picked up the phone and agreed to be on the show.

As nerve racking as I thought it would be I was actually very excited once I got to the studio and Dave put me immediately at ease.  I spoke for about ten minutes about me and what I was trying to achieve with my quest of work experience and my new career, the phone lines were opened for others to discuss their own views and experiences, and I was on my way home.

By the time I reached my house I was shocked by the amount of positive feedback I had received from my friends via text message and Facebook and the amount of support I had from compete strangers via Twitter. I have been offered great advice regarding how best to get into freelance writing and the field of social media and some fantastic leads towards work experience within these industries too, it’s an exciting time for this Essex wife.

From one little tweet so much has happened; it’s a true testament to the power of social media.  Now I have to keep up the good work and continue to pursue my dreams! So if any of you out there would like to work with this wonderful Essex girl – don’t be shy and give me a shout!!