I’m Back…..Have You Missed Me?

Well you can call off the search and rescue and stand down MI5…I’M BACK

It’s been a busy week in the Essex house, I can’t believe it’s been 10 days since I last posted on here, time has just flown by. Funny how quickly life takes over from everything and you don’t know where the days go isn’t it? Especially for me who prides herself on being the most organised I possibly can.

I’ve still been busy on the blog behind the scenes, voting for my favourite bloggers for the MAD Blog Awards, helping the wonderful Chez Mummy arrange the Essex Bloggers night out, booking my ticket for Cybher and having lunch with Dear Beautiful Boy and her handsome little man.

I’ve also been decorating our little Essex home.  What started off as a new sofa in the lounge, has now turned into a complete new look for our lounge, kitchen, bedroom and the baby’s room – so that has been keep me busy too.

This is all alongside being a full time mum to a 3 year old and a baby…

Anyway, I’m back now and can’t wait to tell you all about Scarlett’s 3rd birthday, my up and coming work and blogging plans and my excitement over the summer being on its way and festival season soon being upon us!

Hope you haven’t missed me too much……I promise not to leave you so long again



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